~   Who    Is    Rush   ~

Rush is the voice of the Conservative Movement in the USA. His bold voice and discernments are heard by millions every weekday — unless he's not at the Golden EIB Microphone — and those are rare occasions.

Rush is the master of logic and knowledge and interpretation of events. Just ask him and he'll tell you. Having enlightened his audience for eighteen years now, his accuracy and discussion prowess is unmatched. Just ask him and he'll tell you.

Visit the Rush Limbaugh Website and see for yourself. Listen to Rush's radio program and get hooked.

Rush is on AM radio live from noon to three PM, EST time.

And now, ladies and gentlemen:
— singles, marrieds, parents, grandparents, sudents, and everyone —

In order to maintain your comfort level with the times, let us pause for the proverbial Commercial Break.

"There is no greater source of working pleasure than to work at home with the right business."


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