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Get Rich Quick — FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

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 Make some extra money for yourself! Q. Can anybody get incredibly rich online?
A. Of course they can; this is the Internet.

Q. How long will it take me to get incredibly rich?
A. Generally no more than three or four days.

Q. Does it take hard work or long hours to get incredibly rich?
A. Of course not - it's easy; this is the Internet.

Q. How do I get started to become incredibly rich?
A. Just surf around until you see a banner or a link that says something like, "Make Seven Million Dollars by Wednesday." Then just click on the link and get get started.

Q. It wont really take that long though, will it?
A. Of course not; this is the Internet. They just say that so youll be pleasantly surprised.

Q. Are there any other headlines I should be on the watch for?
A. Certainly! Any ads with the phrase "free to join - get rich quick" "guaranteed results", or "no work involved - totally free" are always sure bets. If you see an ad that has all THREE of those phrases in it, you can start shopping for your Lincoln.

Q. But Ive already joined 77 of these free programs. Its been almost a week now, and Im still not incredibly rich. Now what should I do?
A. Simply consult one of the millions of Internet "gurus" who has already gotten incredibly rich on HIS Internet earnings.

Q. What if I never heard of anyone becoming incredibly rich from his Internet earnings?
A. Now if you haven't gotten it yet, the above question and answer session is NOT to be taken seriously. Surprisingly, though, too many people start out their Internet marketing careers with just such a nave attitude!

The reality is, if you want to achieve success at something, you have to work for it. The more you apply yourself and the attitude you maintain are what determine to what degree you succeed. If anyone offers you an opportunity and tells you that you "do nothing, pay nothing, get money!", it's reasonable to assume "If I pay nothing and no one else pays anything, the company pays nothing!"

You want the key to success? Here's the key:
Find what impresses you. Find a business that has class. Learn and keep learning. STICK WITH IT!!! Don't give up. Keep on truckin'. Work it until you get the success for which you have been searching. (at first - cash your checks quickly no matter what the size; after awhile - you'll cash them quickly because they'll be your main source of income!)

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    To your good success and may God Bless you.

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