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I've been actively pursuing Internet Marketing for over four years now.  Learned a lot about home based businesses,  free and paid advertising,  pay per click,  linking,  search engine placement, Website development and all those exciting things.  I'm still in the process of actively learning.  This stuff is fun - and can be quite lucrative too!  I've decided to publish an interactive newsletter.  That means everyone will have the opportunity to contribute.  If you'd like to receive your copy of the Interactive Newsletter, let me know.  If you'd like to learn together, just click the button...

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As a Math Major with a minor in Economics, if I can't put it into an equation and grind out the answer, or design a model that eliminates most of the variables and then look at the system for problem solving, I start talking to myself and anyone who will listen (and that reminds me - need to pick up some flowers or something as a peace offering for all the 'listening' my sweet, patient wife has been enduring).  Internet Marketing makes NO provisions for logical, lasting solutions!

Also, having spent years (too many) in Industry in upper management, we were well trained in methods to control situations without seeming controlling.   Internet Marketing WILL NOT be controlled!

During a group phone discussion with one of the gurus from an Affiliate program in which I was participating, he made an interesting observation; what you do in Internet Marketing is throw the 'mud' against the wall and see what sticks.  And guess what, the same result doesn't always repeat itself.  I thought to myself, WOW, thanks for the encouragement!  Now we can go out and conquer this marketing business.  Well, actually that approach, given the circumstances and conditions, can be considered marketing 'science'.  Because that's really how it works folks!  Therefore, simply defined, that is the 'science' of Internet Marketing.

So what do we do then with this 'mud' system'?   You monitor the heck out of everything you try - and valiantly attempt to maintain a semblance of sanity!  Another guru told me the way to see what works best is test it and note the result.   Right! - back to the mud-against-the-wall technique.

Enter some of the variables of our business of marketing on the Internet - free and paid advertising, pay per click, linking, search engine placement, Website Development, people, spamming, customers, temperaments, interests, turn-offs and turn-ons, and on on on.  We can all use all the help and varying perspectives we can find.  In a nutshell, we need each other.

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