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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Why do Network Marketing companies lie to you?
Because they don't have better solutions to offer. What am I talking about? Please read on:

Men and women have been told for years that the best way to start growing your New business opportunity is to pitch it to friends and relatives first. Responses I received after implementing this recommendation, and I'm sure you've been the victim of something similar, were "You're going to push that stuff? Don't you realize that's one of those pyramid schemes!?" or "I really don't have the money today, can you ask me again in a week or so?" when they actually meant "don't bother me with that stuff!". Then those who were truly honest would tell me bluntly - No!

Was I surprised by their response? In the beginning, yes. I was following the recommendation of those who were "experts" in marketing, wasn't I? But, I would probably have given a similar response, simply because I didn't ask for the pitch. Neither did your family or friends.

Rejection is not a good experience, especially when it comes from family and friends. Besides, who wants to make a career of chasing down people who have absolutely no interest in what I'm offering? Not me!

Why would a company give you this advice when they know that the results will only devastate and terminate your high opinion of network marketing? Because they have nothing better to offer.

As a result of such advice, the opinion of many is that you can't make money through Internet marketing because all such businesses are pyramids simply out to get your money. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Thousands upon thousands of network marketers who have seen through the falseness of this statement have made significant amounts of money. How? They never give their sales "pitch" to anyone who hasn't shown an interest.

Picture yourself going into a hardware store and asking a clerk to help you find curtain rods but he takes you to the electrical section. You repeat your request and he takes you to the plumbing area. What is your opinion going to be of that hardware store? And, if this happens in every hardware store you enter, will you shop at a hardware store in the future? NO! Your opinion has been significantly damaged the extent that you will now take all of your business to Wal Mart (there you needn't worry about someone bothering you - just finding someone if you need help)!

Once your business starts growing and it's obvious you're actually making money, friends and family will ask how you're doing it. Now is the time to tell them and "pitch" your opportunity.

So, if you're not going to blast your opportunity at everyone you know, how do you get your online business started AND making money?

I won't lie. It can be quite a challenge. Trial and error is something every marketer has to experience on the road to success, regardless of how many have tread down the same path ahead of you. The Internet is an ever-changing and quite often elusive market. It's going to require a lot of work and commitment on your part. This is why "family and friends first" is still being taught and recommended as a first step.

But, now you know this is not the best way to get started. You've learned:
  1. Market your business opportunity ONLY to those who have demonstrated an interest.
  2. Let people come to you. Your success will be a magnet.
How do people come to you if they don't know where you are or how to find you? Advertising, mailing lists and search engines. The very fist thing I recommend you do is create your own Website describing your opportunity or opportunities and products.

Next, advertise your Website. Go to the Search Engines (more than one) and search for Advertising and advertising related search terms, then place an ad in the top four or five sites that fit your budget. And don't use the excuse that you don't have any money to invest. If that's the case, you shouldn't even consider starting your own business because marketing anything is all about investment and return on investment.

Mailing Lists: Your new Website can offer a free gift in exchange for the person's email address, making it very clear that downloading the free offer will give you the right to send them product or opportunity updates from time to time. A newsletter is also used by many sites. This will get your mailing list started. I personally opted for using Search Engines, Word of Mouth, Awards and Reciprocal Linking as my means of advertising my Website. Any list you compile must provide the option to cancel or opt out. Be aware of the possibility of spamming complaints.

Finally, and not necessarily in this order, submit your new website to the Search Engines. Submit it once and only once every couple of months. In fact, some search engines will tell you how often you should submit, or if submitting it more than once is necessary. Do NOT submit more often than they've stipulated, or you'll risk having your website banned from their service — forever! As you link to other Websites, the search engines will pick up yours.

PPC — Pay Per Click is also offered by many Search Engines. However, in my opinion, this can be very costly. But if money is no object, I definitely recommend you utilize this service. Again, it's not a service I use. But, I was fortunate enough to have had the time to allow my website slowly gain popularity in the Search Engines. Most don't have that luxury or option. If you need results now then PPC is definitely an option, but you have to maintain your bids, otherwise you could end up spending, spending, spending!

Also, you've probably noticed how many Websites now have a section on the Main/Home page of Recommended or Partner Websites. One of the main reasons for doing this, especially if you have a new website, is to have your website included in Search Engine spidering. Example: An older Website, one that already has some ranking in the engines, is spidered periodically and any links within that site are then incorporated into the spidering program. Your Website is now recognized by the search engine. Your placement may not be very good, but your foot is in the doorway. The more sites that link to your site add credibility to your listing, slowly raising your rankings. I use this method, but not for those purposes. My main thrust is to supply visitors to my Website with alternative and different employment options. However, anyone who uses this method runs a risk of losing a potential sale in light of the fact that traffic is being redirected away from their site. The converse is also true, the partner site could also lose potential business. So in the final analysis, linking is worthwhile.

Consider your options, your budget and then implement your plan for promotion!

To your Good success!

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