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Have you heard? Ideas are worth money.
Here's an idea that won't quitit's use constantly verifies its value!

The Lovable Towel idea is something you can use in your home every day! When you finish reading this, you'll want this idea for your home too!

Yeah, I know, why not just share the idea right here! Well I have shared it for awhile and then one day a sub-idea presented itself. Why not sell the idea and let people enjoy the utility of it AND have a little fun with recouping their 'investment'.


OK, you say, so what are we talking about? Aha! Nice try. I don't blame you for trying, I would too.

Actually, even now, the temptation to just tell you about the idea is tugging at my psyche. But, alas, the little boy in me simply says, nope... not now, not without a little business arrangement first.

One more try — you say, are you going to attempt to sell us towels?   Nope!

So here's the proposition. Since all viable ideas have value, both to the user and propagator, we've come up with a neat way to share the idea and also pass on to you a fun game you can play to gain value over and above the utility of the Lovable Towel which you can enjoy for years to come.

Bottom Line:

You can get the Ideas for yourself for $3.95.
(Just for NOW — get them for only $2.95!)
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That's it? Yes, that's it.

What will I get in return for my 'investment', you ask?

What you'll get, after your payment is received, is a full description of the idea and the fun little recoup-the-cost game you can play.
(Now some of you may choose to become downright entrepreneurial and actually make some extra donut money — as a matter of fact, at a party or get-together, you could probably make enough to buy everyone a donut and a pizza for yourself later!).

You can have The Lovable Towel Ideas for less than the cost of a pizza and they can provide you years of functionality and enjoyment.
The sub-idea gives you the opportunity to have some good clean fun with your friends.

AND, as an added free bonus, you'll get our download link for a sweet piece of software that we have been using for years. It's very simple and very useful and works on Windows 95 to Windows XP, and the software is free — no strings.

This is an idea that isn't really a need for you, because you don't know what it is yet. But if you want it, it will ultimately become a need!

If you think you've figured out what the idea is, forget it. (-:
You'll always wonder if that was really it...

There's only one way to find out for sure:
Only $3.95   (Just for NOW — get the ideas for $2.95!)
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~  What people are saying about The Lovable Towel Ideas  ~

We've been using the Lovable Towel for awhile now and won't be without it anymore. Wish we had started using it years ago — but we do have it now. What a great idea! The "Sub-Idea" looks like it will be fun to try too.

Thank you for sharing.


The Lovable Towel is truly an idea that won't quit!
I didn't know a hand towel could be a pleasure to use, but now it is.

If the price is prorated over the years, it approximates a free idea.

Thank you!

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