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  • A product that you can buy locally - at a certain retail shop I will tell you about -- that you can turn around and sell for double, triple or even more.

  • How a camera, a few trash bags and a letter written to a certain group of people can put wads of cash in your mail box.

  • Amazing way 3 men make up to $4000.00 a week visiting yard sales.

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  • Go into a busy bar and come out a couple of hours later with a pocket full of cash.

  • A product that you can pick up for free in your area and turn around and sell to a certain group of people. "No" this has nothing to do with recycling.

  • How to make money with the free to post bulletin boards you see in grocery stores, delis and other businesses.

  • A neat way to make money every time it rains.

  • How to make money giving away a certain product for free.

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  • Make big money chasing ghosts. All you need is a van and some imagination.

  • Simple service business that satisfies a huge demand fueled by the local and national news media. Make $50.00 an hour performing this much needed service.

  • A simple 2 minute service that you provide to convertible car owners that can put some easy cash in your pocket.

  • Get paid $25.00 -- $35.00 to watch TV? Yes! It's true. The catch is you can only do this once or twice a week but still - it's like free money!

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  • Like going to yard sales? Here is one item that is almost always way undervalued that you can get for practically nothing and resell for a fast profit.

  • How to make money with a very specialized - but much needed -- service you provide to people having yard sales.

  • An amazing technique based on a little-known psychology book that can put $100 -- $200 cash in your hands today.

  • A simple, specialized service you provide to area bars that can net you up to $300.00 per night -- Thursday - Saturday only.

  • A much needed service you provide to homeowners in your area that makes you $15.00 - $20.00 for about 10 minutes work. The real beauty of this venture is the way it's marketed -- you don't even have to talk to the homeowner! Find out how ---

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