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An intelligent/smart dog can be nice to have. An intelligent dog who wants to please is a lasting pleasure. Our dog, thankfully, is a lasting pleasure.

Her name is Snoopy. AKA, Baroness Von Snooper lll, Snooper, Snoopa, Snoop, Sweetheart, Sweetie, Tootsie, Tootsela, Toots, Baby, Baby Doll, Brat, Smart Ass, but best of all, Good Girl. One of our most common phrases for her, other than 'you're a brat", is 'what a good girl Snoopy is' or 'you're such a good girl'.

She's not really a barker - more of a conversationalist. But you can easily detect when the mail man comes or a delivery is dropped off on the porch.

Most often, it's just a few selected 'boof' comments when someone walks by on the road. Now if someone is, say, dribbling a basketball while walking, the conversation is a bit more intense - but usually consists of five or six selected bark variatons and then trails off with the patented boofs.
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Through research and consultations, it was determined that our baby is a Border Collie and English Pointer mix. She looks like an elegant bird dog - 58 pounds of pure pleasure and muscle. Black and white, black head with white on the tip of the muzzle, nice bushy white tail, and a reserved personality and loyalty that won't quit.

We've often commented that if we had a nickel for every time Snoopy has made us smile we'd be wealthy.

While being one of the gentlest dogs we've ever had (you can put your hand in her food while she's eating, or pick up her partially eaten treat - without even the hint of a growl!), woe to anyone she doesn't know who attempts to cross the portals of our house or property.

All new visitors stop at the door with the usual attempt at suppressing that panic look and then ask if it's OK to come in. After explaining to Snooper that it's OK, she reverts to being just plain unfriendly with thinly masked restrained aggressive behavior. If she likes the visitor, she's simply aloof.

It has become impossible, after four years, to say anything with her around without being fully understood.

If the word 'walk' or 'car' is even mentioned in passing, she immediately gets in front of us with her patented intense, questioning look. Then we accede to her demand and either confirm or deny what she hopes. The reaction is either excitement or walking off in a semi huff.

Here's one of our Favorites:

Recently Snoopy again did something that just amazed me and made us love her even more.

The majority of time she's out with us we have her on one of those 25 foot retractable leashes (they're great). One night, after announcing she had to go out to go potty, obediently I grabbed her new leash to take her out.

As I walked to the platform step to the kitchen where she sits to have her collar/leash attached, "Come on, tootsela", I said.

Looking back I noticed she was sitting regally in the middle of the room looking at her other leash hanging on the wall and without moving, gave me a condescending look and then looked back at the other leash.

That's where her collar was attached. The leash I had didn't have the collar attached to it. Amazing!

So I switched the collar and as I did, she casually assumed her sitting position on the step.

Your turn...

I'm confident many of us can share special stories about the great dogs we've had or have. They are precious times.

If you would like to share the beauties of your dog, please feel free to email us and we'll post it on this page. (If you'd like to have a link to your Website included, that can be done too.)

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Favorite Dog Favorite number two:

Thank you for providing this venue for venting our favorite dog favorites!

Our dog thinks she's human, and we treat her accordingly.

When we walk her, she now knows the difference between the go left or right request.

The other day, she clearly demonstrated to us that indeed it is a request! We suggested she go left. After looking to the left and then looking back at us, as if to say request processed and understood, her highness then went to the right.

We modified our tour in deference to her decision.

While it is important that your dog responds positively to commands, we've discovered that some dogs can actually understand the difference between a request and command. Ours is mastering that difference and we are very pleased to allow her that latitude.


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Favorite Dog Favorite number three:

Recently, our friend of about 15 years left us to go to heaven. One of our fond memories is her very special greeting every morning.

When she first saw any of us, it was such a special occasion that she would heartily wag her tail during her welcoming antics. And as our greetings would intensify, her tail would go in circles.

We miss her...


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Favorite Dog Favorite number four:

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Updated: October 2, 2006

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