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 Isaiah 40:31  Wings Like An Eagle 
 Isaiah 40:31

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  • It's not as easy as you may think at first glance.
  • It's not as impossible as you may think after giving it a try.
When you own your own business, you only have to work half a day.
You can do anything you want with the other twelve hours. (Anon)
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Every day new people are added to the ever growing force of work-at-home Internet Marketers. The market place is vast! Statistics show that new people come online at a rate of approximately 300,000 per day, and currently there are more than one Billion people online worldwide!

So Internet Marketing should be a walk in the park, right? Wrong! It can be fun, challenging, rewarding, aggravating, frustrating, a life's work, a week's work — it can be whatever YOU decide. But it's not just a walk in the park.

As with any worthwhile venture or home business it is imperative that you come in decisively. First, if you haven't already, ask yourself if you really want to succeed and what price you are willing to pay for your success — and then pay close attention to your answer. No matter what the plethora of self appointed "guru's" tell you in their $19.95 e-book about how easy it was for them to make millions (and that's not to say they haven't done it), the real truth is that for the rest of us, it can be a challenge to make money on the Internet; but not impossible. Enough to pay some, if not all your bills? Yes, it can be done.

OK, let's discuss how it can be done; how you, the average computer literate person can make money working at home on the Internet:

More than six years ago, as an average computer literate person, I decided to become an Internet Marketer with my own home business. I had no idea how to do this. First starting with prayer, and then employing the search engines and as many keyword phrases I could think of, I began looking for ideas. I was immediately overwhelmed by the number of home business opportunities out there. Most of which sounded too good to be true! Quickly, it became obvious to me that the promises of make-tons-of-money-with-no-effort-all-for-free had to be at best questionable! Common sense kicked in and told me that traditionally what you get for nothing is still nothing.

Whatever you decide to try, the keys to success are commitment and effort and determination to succeed. Whatever you do, DON'T jump from one home business opportunity to another without ever really applying yourself to any of them. That is the formula for frustration and failure. That should tell you that you may be looking for something for nothing.

Many work at home companies have a DBoard (discussion board) or Forum of some kind where you can go in and see what people are saying. When you find something that interests you, and they have a DBoard, go to it. Make that an integral part of your search for success. Also, most good affiliate programs offer free Websites so you can get started without your own Website. Is it required to have your own Website if you're going to make money? No. Will it facilitate making more money? Yes. It's up to you how far you want to go.

In conclusion, if you want to work at home with your own home business and make money on the Internet, you can if you decide to do it. Don't expect something for nothing, but DO expect something for your efforts. I've found there is a direct correlation between effort and money earned. Effort includes time, work, investment of dollars, coupled with determination, and commitment.

Decide what you want to do — how far you want to go — how much of yourself you're willing to invest and GO FOR IT! It can be fun and exciting. Stay positive and realistic. Set attainable goals for yourself. DON'T GIVE UP! Concentrate your efforts where the rewards are.

You CAN work at home on the Internet and make money.

To your good success and may God Bless your efforts.
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Since embarking upon the adventure of Internet Marketing, we've built this Website to help people make money while working at home. We're working a number of businesses, all of which are included in the list on the main page. Since we all often have different styles and experience levels, there are also many other opportunities that are mentioned for you to look at and try.
If you work, the money will come. Work at home!
Freedom Everyone!

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